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Why I am suddenly aware of my inner voice ?
Hey there, I'm a 17 years old male suffering from anxiety disorder & OCD (Mainly pure O thoughts) and about 2 weeks ago or so, out of nowhere my anxiety flipped to a new intrusive thought, a thought that popped out of nowhere when I was sitting in my room: "What if I became aware of my inner voice till the last day of my life ?" You know what the inner voice is, it's the voice you hear in your head when you're thinking or reading( you're probably hearing it right now). And ever since, I can't get this thought out of my head, you know how it is with OCD, the more you try to stop the stops the less you succeed... I'm pretty sure it's one of the intrusive thoughts that pops into my head from time to time... But the difference is that this thought of being aware of the voice you hear in your head when you're thinking is very frustrating and bizarre... Besides, I can't say this to anyone in real life or else they'll think I'm a Weirdo or something LOL ! My question is anyone have experienced something similar ? Is it common for people with OCD ? And what should I do to reduce the fear I have whenever this thought pops in my head ? Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks in advance !

Hassan,  I once worked with someone who had this intrusive thought that if the world is round how come we don't fall off when the earth rotates.  He knew that the thought was absurd but everytime it cropped up, he would begin to feel dizzy.  The more he tried not to think about it, the more he did.  After all, trying not to think about it, is the same as thinking about it.  I suggested that he find a secure place to sit each day and for 15 minutes think about it and enjoy the sensations since he knew he was safe and secure.  I saw him 2 weeks later and reported that this worked and he was no longer bothered by such thoughts - that was the last time I saw him.  You might try the same thing;  rather than fight it, allow yourself 15 minutes to explore your inner voice.  Who knows?  Maybe you can make friends with it.  Hope this helps.  Joel


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