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Counseling/low HDL & coronary artery disease fear


I am male 46 years old, having mitral valve prolapse with trivial regurgitation. Two week before I did my Lipid profile test the result came Total cholesterol : 162, LDL 122, HDL 22, Triglyceride 128, VLDl 26 & Fasting Blood sugar came 98. I have severe health anxiety especially cardiophobia since last 12 years. I have different fears related to heart all this years ( I used to google about mitral valve prolapse & blood pressure, where I came to know about various cardiovascular diseases including heart blockage, heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia, cholesterol, etc & time to time different different fears). I did my TMT test in 2011, which was negative, I did my Echo in 2013, it was normal, several Ecgs including one week before it was normal. The last Lipid I did was in 2011, it was Total Cholestrol 170, HDL 43, LDL 130, Triglyceride 90, in 2010 it was Total Cholestrol 165, HDL 34, LDL 110, Triglyceride 108, in 2009, it was Total Cholestrol 156, HDL 29, LDL 120, Triglyceride 110. In 2008 it was Total Choletrol 164, HDL 42, LDL 128, Triglyceride 92. I was walking daily for 45 minutes all this years, but last 1 years I was not doing walking & lazy. I always avoid deep fried foods, but on weekend & holidays I would eat in hotels . Now I read that, Low HDL can cause cardiovascular disease & started fearing that i have my arteries blocked due to low HDL all these years. What should I Do to stop this fears. I never took seriously about low HDL, now I came to know about the importance of HDL in preventing Coronary artery disease. I stopped completely the fatty foods, taking Fish Fry in Olive Oil, avocados, walnuts, fish oils, vitamin C, Orange & Pomegranate Juice, Garlic, Flaxseed, Olive Oil etc to raise my HDL & started brisk walking for 45 days since last two weeks & 10 floor stair climbing (2 times) & jogging 10 minutes. But somewhere I have fear that, all this years I was having low HDL & it would have made plaque in my arteries. I will go & check again my Lipid after 1 month & if its normal should I worry about previous low hdl days. How to fight this fear. Plz help me. I am not able to concentrate on anything & obsessing about my low HDl. I am taking bisoprolol 5 mg & magnesium citrate 200mg x3 times supplements for my blood pressure & anxiety. I have palpitations, tingling, twitching, nerve vibrations all over my body all this years. Before I trust the TMT test, as i was thinking it was good to rule out the heart disease. Now I am doubting about tmt test also, as i read it shows the blockage up to 50% only, so i start obsessing & worrying that, what if i have 50% blockage & it will create heart problem.its creating lot of fear. I am unable to sleep & concentrate on anything. What should i do.plz help someone to fight this fear. Now I start to live like heart Patient thinking i have blocked arteries. I brisk walk daily for 45 minutes. What test should i do to stop my fear. I am afraid about any test & if i did tmt or stress echo test i may doubt & unable to remove my fear. Plz help me to desensitize the feeling as you taught me earlier.


Most of what you have described to me is what we call future pacing. You have perceived a problem that  you have and you are projecting it into the future, imagining what will or could happen to you. Most of that is motivated by fear.

If you were here with me, I could work with you. You are not. I know where you can get the  help you need.

Since you are willing to go on the internet and get some help, I will offer you this.

Go to  There you will see people who have fears, release them in a matter of minutes, in some cases.  You can get information on what is causing what you are experiencing  and what you can do to get relief.  You can get instructions on what to do. It is free.  You can help yourself easily.



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