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Counseling/CBT vs Psychodynamic therapy


What is your opinion on which is better treatment for personality disorders: CBT or psychodynamic therapy?

Someone told me CBT teaches you coping skills that you'll have to use the rest of your life..they said psychodynamic therapy deals with the dark parts of your past (regarding self hatred) is a painful process yet when done you will almost be free (or atleast a lot less) of having to use your coping skills. ie: you will love yourself vs having a bandaid put over it

What do you make of this and what is your opinion?


That depends on which personality disorders you are talking about. I wouldn't use the same approach for narcissism as borderline personality disorder, for example.

A lot also depends upon the person. I fit the treatment with the person's goals, beliefs, and what they are open to. Some people don't want a psychodynamic approach. Some feel that CBT is too impersonal.

There really isn't any way to answer the question in a real world way. Not to mention that there are other approaches that work well too that aren't considered.

Laura Giles, LCSW


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