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I am 47 and have severe health anxiety since last 15 years and was diagnosed mitral valve prolapse with trivial regurgitation before 6 years. All this year my fear was related to heart disease, attack, stroke arrhythmia, nuero problems etc. but one week before urine came from my blood and got scared and went to urologist and did ultrasound for kidney, prostate, uterus etc and there was no stone & infection. The Dr. gave me antiobiotic & told to complete the course. Since one week I got afraid of Cancer, which started with this infection & all of a sudden I remember one of my aunt who died of cancer, she was having blood in the stool. I started to look at my stool everytime & fearing that there is blood or my stool is black & I will get or have some sort of stomach related cancer. I am afraid to go the bathroom for my poo, even small belching, bloating, gas makes me afraid. How to fight this fear. Plz help me I am dying of obsessing this stomach cancer fear. I know that, this is irrational fear and blood can come by ulcer, anal fissure, inflammation of the colon etc.My anxiety is very severe and I am unable to relax or sleep. I am taking cipralex(escitalopram) 10 mg including .25mg rivotril 2 times since one week and also taking bisoprolol (beta blocker) 5mg for my blood pressure. Please someone  help me to desensitize this fear, if I am unable to remove the fear, my heart problems will be increase.

Hi Afzal,

Thank you for asking me this question.  I wouldn't be an expert to a total medical treatment about your fears but here is a definition of fears which I have learned from attending different seminar workshops in theological and religious practices.  It is


Again, if you think that the fear you are experiencing is causing you more anxious that is because you are not connecting to your HIGHER SELF or HIGHER SPIRIT.  

There are so many times we can get afraid of but we should remember that there is GOD above us who is watching and has made us all here on earth.  

Why not try asking GOD to heal you? GOD is the only way... Find a bible and try reading all related to healing verses like Prov 4:20-22, Exodus 15:26, Psalm 30:2 and the like.  

Ask Jesus to save you:  Pray this prayer which my friend has given me:  "Lord I am Yours; use me as you see me fit- that I may be the greater channel of blessing to those that You would through my effort be brought to Your understanding.
I seek only in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Also pray this:  "Jesus, I accept you as my savior, my only Lord.  You died for me in the cross to redeem my sins and my diseases.  I am renewed, strengthened and healed with your body and blood as you sacrificed it for me.  I thank you and I am yours now.  Amen."

Please read the bible all the time and that will take away your fears.

God speed.  


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