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How to get past not trusting him? We have been in a 5 year relationship it hasn't been easy. Within the first couple of months he was cheating with his wife they were getting a divorce. After finding out we still stayed in a relationship. He was abusive but when it was good it was good when it was bad it was bad. He has cheated several times in the past 5 years I always just tried to look past it. Got to a point I didn't really care but did at the same time. He moved out off an on I kicked him out he would leave he went to a therapist for a couple months. Then didn't have insurance so stopped. He moved out for good took all his stuff about three months ago. About three weeks ago I text him because he had mail at the house. That's were it all started he told me he missed me still loved me. Couldn't live without the kids and I. They are not his children. He explained he was getting help for sex addiction and for being abusive. He relized he didn't want to end up alone in life that he had hurt me the kids his kids. We have been seeing each other for about three weeks now. When he goes to these meetings its hard on both of us. It's really hard for me to trust him. What do I do? I would love to go to therapy but I don't have insurance to do so. Not sure how to cope with these feelings. I don't want to ask questions all the time or be syco. I need help.

Hi Brook,

Relationships, especially marriage, work when the two have some common goals and both are respected. When you do not have the respect, then it doesn't work very well.

The relationship you are describing to me  sounds dysfunctional.  That's not a dig on you. It just means the combination is not working very well.  

There is no way to establish a healthy relationship if you do not respect yourself.  When you allow yourself to be treated like this, by someone else, regardless of your feelings toward him, you are not respecting yourself. Just because he is going to a therapist,  or that he tells you he loves you, does not mean the relationship is going to work. It is obvious that he does  not respect himself.  I know it seems easier to try and work it out.  What you have to decide is will he continue the same behavior, or will it somehow resolve itself?  

Sometimes if is far better to just remain friends rather than continue in a relationship that is not working.

Since you cannot change someone else, the only work you can do is on yourself.  If you want more help in that area, I can work with you.  I'll give you some information that will help and refer you to a couple of places where you can get help without having to pay for it.

Really, all this comes down to your wanting to help yourself, and are willing to do the work.

Brook, write me again if you  want to.



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