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Counseling/Hypochondriac with fear of blood


But this is outside of my expertise.

Dear Mr. Graig you have been helping me lot, but i don't know why at this most critical time you don't want to help me. At least for humanitarian & god plz help me. this were your previous help :

I know i have been fighting all these years the debilitating health anxiety without any medicines & all the harmless sensations. But now due to cancer phobia, which has been trigger due to my auunt died of Blood cancer 20 years ago & recent blood coming from my urine, I am obsessed with cancer. Due to anxiety & fear, now my bowel movement also increased and sometimes there is stomach pain. Anti anxiety medicine are also not helping me to control this fear. Sometimes I am thinking this medicine is only for controlling the bodily sensation due to anxiety & it will not help the symptoms of stomach cancer, what should i do to remove intrusive & catastrophic thought, which brings more flight & fight response. Sometimes i behave like i have cancer, sometimes i fear i will get it in future & sometimes i want to prevent it by doing some compulsion, its very confusing. I am avoiding now to eat much food also. Most of the time my mind on my stomach only. Please help me i will be grateful to you. How to challenge this negative thoughts by congnitive positive talking. How to have the thoughts without feelings attached to it. I know all the sensation brought by anxiety & panic are harmless such as fast heartbeat, stomach upset or IBS, sensation loss, needle & pin
feelings, dizziness, chest pain, chest tightness, tingling, breathlessness, all this symptoms i have been fighting since 15 years. All this 15 years my fear was related to chronic problems such as heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes, Neurological, which you can live on. But the problem with cancer phobia is if you are diagnosed it is confirmed death & u r afraid to go & make test.
This kind of cancer fear is new to me & i don't know how to challenge this fear. Since i came to know that, blood from the stool is one of the symptoms of stomach cancer i start obsessing about it & start checking my stool everytime. there are several other non serious or chronic reason for blood coming from stool, like ulcer, piles inflammation of the colon, crohn disease but my mind only obsessing with the blood with stool only to cancer. How to have this thought without any power of feeling & remove the intensity of the fear. Plz help me


I am going to answer this question with one of my former answers. I can really do nothing else.   Until you face fear and do something about it, I am helpless to do anything else.    I will refer you to a website There you will find people getting help for the very thing you are fighting, and how to do something about it.



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