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QUESTION: please help, i am stuck from past five years, trying to quit cold turkey weed and cigarettes…please help me in diagnosis of my mental disorder, asking here because it is the closest i have got while surfing. see when i plan to have my last cigarette bfore that i must have my last hashish cigareete, this is just the start and the tip of my ice berg, on the last puff, it should be strongest, time on the clock should not be perfect, date should be not some renowed day, these preferences keep changing as if i keep making excuses, and numerous such factors, meaningless things to a sane person and then inevitable i start smoking again, i must also do all the drugs codeine, xanax etc so that i start improving from a dreadful condition, plz dont laugh at me, and worst of all my only aim has been in this precious time of my life is to succeedd at that last puff,,, what a pity…please suggest slosest termof my mental disorder so that i can follow,kindly pardon spelling mistakes

ANSWER: Dear Wasim,
Thank you for telling me about your situation.
It sounds like you have some addictions you want to quit.
In addition, you explain that you have some obsessive-compulsive conditions that must be in place for you to quit.
Thus, you are dealing with addictions and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Some people with strong obsessive-compulsive tendencies may be diagnosed with OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, I cannot say that you have that, just based on a one paragraph letter. However, that may be a larger part of the problem.
You say that you want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and hash (weed), but then you say you also use codeine, Xanax, etc.
I would never laugh at someone for wanting to give up addictions.
Depending on where you live, you might consider reaching out to a support group, such as the 12 Steps. However, don't become obsessive-compulsive about pleasing the people in the support group.
Another thing you might try is private counseling. A counselor could gradually help you work through your addictions, and psychological reasons why you have the addictions.
You might also try stopping the substances one at a time, instead of all at the same time.
First stop all chemical drugs, such as codeine and Xanax. Next, stop alcohol. After that, stop tobacco.
Then if you conquer all these, you can also stop the hash.
If you give up one at a time, you will have a clear picture of what it feels like to succeed. Focus your mind on your successes.
If you want to discuss further, please write back.
Best wishes,

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QUESTION: thank you very much for responding, i have problems with smoking and hash only, other drugs i use occassionally, i told you my preference keeps changing after two or three days of cold turkey quit like i want to start again after doing some other drug as well, sometimes i want to go back so that i can start after really abusing my health, sometimes i want no body to know about it during the first week, all that insane stuff. your ocd suggestion is very close thank you, but i know i will never get my perfect time, to me using support group will haunt me and i will tell myself that i couldnt do it myself,any other mental disorder closer to my situation? thank you.

Dear Wasim,
Please accept my apologies for the late reply. Blame the computer.
If you do not want to join a support group for recover, I suggest that you join a support group for another purpose. If you like biking, join a cyclist group. If you like books, join a book club. If you like cars, join a car group. Then, without putting the focus on your problem, you could have a healthy group to belong to, which will lift your spirits.
You say that you go go back and forth between drugs in an attempt to quit cold turkey. Here's my suggestion, just stick to hash, leave all the other intoxicants behind, including alcohol.
Then, once you have only been using hash for some months, you can successfully let go of the other drugs.
After you have only been using hash for some time, and no other drugs, then you can gradually lessen the amount of hash you smoke. For example, if you now smoke it several times a day, you can cut back so that you only start to smoke after noon. Then if you can successfully get through your mornings sober, you can wait until late afternoon for the first smoke.
Once you get to that level, just keep it there for a while. You will then have a feeling of control over your behaviors.
Write back if you want to discuss further.
It seems to me you want to do this yourself, and that is possible. Just stop beating yourself up mentally. Stop all drugs except hash, then just work on reducing the hash intake to a sensible level.
Write back if you want to discuss further.


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