I am really confused and a bit sad (sometimes angry) about my life situation. Some people have a good social network that really works for them. I just wonder what is requiered in order for me to have a good social network. Sometimes I wonder if people really don't need me. Sometimes I wonder if managing a social network is like learning a sport or a musical instrument, i.e. you have to give a lot of time and effort into this. I do meet people but I still don't have a good social network. I don't even know how many people one would need to have in a social network in order to be happy. I feel like some people really care about me but don't really need me (i.e. they could live their lives without seeing me anymore...sounds kinda sad). I need people but people don't really need me. Is this common to experience this? I don't want to force people to be part of my life if ya know what I'm saying.  
What can you say?

Hi Anders,

Thank you for asking me this question about social networking and your concern that you find yourself not necessarily needed by someone else.  

Well, I think what you are experiencing is inability to come up with activities that you would enjoy more instead of having yourself available to others.  Social networking is always available for media and advertisement use.  Meaning this is use so that there would be business in the internet and become famous to everyone not only to your friends, but also for work or even for your hobbies.  

My query about this concern is that how do you define the "good social network" status.  If you said that you meet a lot of people then that is a good social networking but if you want to be wanted to others by other people because you feel that you have lesser likes on your facebook or lesser response on your twitter then that is a different interpretation of not having a "good social network status".  This is because you are trying to keep people get attention which sometimes it depends on how you response to their pictures, comments or any ad requirement on internet.   

Based on what you told me your feeling is the one that is bothering you and that you did not like it so my question is how did you want to like your feeling/s?  If you want to be happy, set things that would make you happy.  If you want to be loved, plan something that would make you feel loved, not necessarily by intimate but it could also just by giving food or money to the poor.  It can even be just buying yourself small fries from mc do or getting a good rug from IKEA.   Those things that can make you feel happy and excited are the ones that help you meet people that would help you find the things that can attract you to your social networking.

I hope this helps.  Thank you again and take care.



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