I am a 26 year with two children, 10 and 6.
My father fondled me while we were swimming and later ask if I would "go off with him." I resisted his advances, but I have been unable to get this situation out of my mind. It ya has haunted me for a long time.
What can I do to removed

Hi Jackie,

How are you?

Thank you for asking me a question regarding your concern and as usually I response with a reminder (especially if the issue is quite sensitive) to make sure to seek professional help to be able to have a follow-up on your query.  

The answer to your question concerns how this father is related to you: a biological father or a step-dad.  If this is a biological father, the reason why somehow it does affect you a lot and a long time is you being disrespected.  If this a step-dad, this is something different because you feel disrespecting your mom.  No matter what, the effect is disrespect and it is not a good feeling as it did real happen to you.   

The next factor that could be help or not help you is related to your marital status:
a) being a single mom or divorcee- usually men think that they are easy to get because they are looking for companionship and that in general men think that it is okay for single mom/ divorcee to get hooked for a date or one night stand.

b) being married still with a husband can either be helpful because your husband can help you face the issue.  He can actually file a case to your dad or even you can do it as if there is a real situation this is considered grounds for sexual harrassment.  

c) being married still with a husband can be negative in some ways as depending on how he is able to take it against you and your dad and he might just give your dad a blow on the stomach.  

So the suggestion takes you to a professional counselor/legal assistance in order for you to cope this situation as your children (if they are both females) might also encounter the same situation with their grandfather.

I hope this helps you and please do not delay to get help while still you can.  Take care and all the best



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