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Hello. I am writing because I am just At a loss. I don't know where to go from here. I am married with a beautiful 4 month old baby girl. We were so happy in the beginning but now it seems if I so much as breathe there's a problem. He often argued with me and leaves and when I ask him why his excuse is he doesn't want to get physical but I'm not sure why a simple question would lead to physical harm. I understand he currently has a lot of stress as he's switching jobs but I also feel that we should be a team. I love him and he says he doesn't know that I do. I cry for him and to go to counseling and he refuses. I'm not sure what to do anymore. At this point I feel like I need to lose the rest of my baby weight go out make a scene and have other men interested for him to regain interest in me and our marriage.  Please help.

Hi Gloria,

From what information, you gave me, i'll give you this.  If you want a more involved response,  please write me again.

Men get very frustrated if what they are doing, does not see to have the desired affect in there relationships.  I am guessing that he feels that what he is doing for you is not satisfying to him.  That is probably why he is withdrawing.

From your statement, "I love him and he says he doesn't know that I do," I gather that he is not getting the right kind of feedback about his love for you. Men love by giving. If you do not show appreciation for that, he may feel he isn't adequate for you. When that happens, he will have the tendency to go in his cave and sulk for a while.

Do you genuinely praise him when he does things for you, and I mean even the little things?  Do  you compliment him for his efforts to support you?   Those things are very important.

From your note to me here, I am guessing that you are getting very frustrated about this situation. That may affect how you behave toward him, in that you are dissatisfied with his behavior toward you. That could lead to  you not giving him what he needs.

If you would like a more detailed response, or you need clarification on any of this, please write again.

Graig :)


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