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Kirsten wrote at 2016-01-27 12:44:10
First off, I'm very remorseful about what I have done. I would have never taken the money if the pharmacist had not told me I could get it back. I was in pain, and was and am angry. Second, I DO NOT want to ruin Juliette's life. She means more to me than my own life. I am not taking advantage of anybody. Third, like any other adult, I don't like to be treated like a teenager, and that is what I get. Now, I want to move forward, and need help with that. Yes, I'm an adult, and the idea is to turn my life around.  

Carrie wrote at 2016-03-23 04:44:30
Wow, Laura. I'm a stoma nurse, and from my perspective, I think you have a lot of nerve. This lady had a life altering surgery, and obviously has a lot of health problems. How can you say she "stole" the money, or wants to ruin anybody's life? She sounds like she was put in a horrible position, not only once, but twice. I can assure you, one would not be able to work any time soon after that; we don't want patients to do that, and I think the pharmacist had a lot of nerve to make a promise like that, and owes Kirsten an apology. Please be more polite to people, and not so judgmental. Kirsten, you were in the wrong to not research, or call your insurance before taking such a risk, but when you feel better, I'd try to dispute it. When did this happen? Get a social worker on this case at the hospital. So sorry you had to have the surgery, but you need to solve this. It sounds like you panic about pain; please use the "mind over matter" strategy.


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