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Hi i would like to start by saying i am obsessed with me body, to the point where if i see something i automatically think its cancer and start freaking out. Recently i got certain parts that i was worried about checked by my doctor and he told me everything is normal and i shouldnt worry. I also asked a few experts on this site about the stuff on my body and they said they look normal. But even after all that i still dont believe them. I keep thinking that maybe they made a mistake and maybe they were wrong. I search up on google and i believe the stuff on google more than my doctors. Even after my doctors visit i decided to look up the stuff on google and saw something about it and started freaking out again. I dont know what to do i cant get it out of my mind. Please help me, thank you!

Hi Don,

Thank you for asking me your concern.  I will be honest with you.  I am even doubtful if you would take any answer to your queries.   With all due respect, you can look up the meaning of the word "obsession" in any dictionary or internet resources and you will find that the meaning denotes compulsive pre-occupation of fixed idea until you feel nervous, anxious or depress about certain things (wikipedia).  Thus, the reason why you are who you are is how you are feeling right now and you are fixed to that idea of being worried or anxious.  I am not able to answer any question you have about your body as even if I did say there is nothing wrong in your body you would still seek to find ways that would make you feel there is something wrong in your body.  I am not being pessimist about your situation but there are other things that can make you feel better instead that is to find other positive pre-occupation of ideas that would help you feel healthier.  You can do spiritual health help, if you would not mind.  Go seek some pastoral counseling that would help you pray for your needs.   Or if you are not into it, you can also check something related to simple health guide like going to gym or walking or running.  In other words, if you have health problem be concern on the health solution that is engaging yourself to health clubs, socialization to which your idea of fixation won't be too much on thinking on what is wrong to your body.  

I hope this will help you and may you find your happiness by loving the flaws and as well as perfections in your self.

Take care and all the best.



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I can answer any counseling concern related to coping with stress, emotional imbalance, sibling rivalry, marital relationship, spiritual confusion that affected/affecting and will affect your well-being. I am not the usual "what is in the box!" type of counselor. I am very polite and gentle but direct to help you understand your situation. I also use pastoral technique to help you understand that human needs supernatural power from the source in order to cope with stressors. Please be informed that I am very much welcoming in any questions you would like to ask but PLEASE DON'T BE RUDE in the stating the subject/concern. ANY FOUL LANGUAGE can restrict me to entertain your queries. Thank you very much.


I am a Counselor with BS Behavioral Sciences degree. I have experienced in counseling both individual and groupd sessions. I have conducted a lot of workshops related to peer counseling and healthy mind body and spirit related topic. I did a couple of thesis counseling session when I used to work in a Medical College. I have been commended for my research work. My passion is to listen and be able to assist anyone who needs problem-solving solution.

Psychological Educators' Society (2001-2004)

BS Behavioral Sciences Counselor for 5 years Researcher for 2 years Psychometrician for 2 years Adept in counseling, use of psychological testing and administration and interpretation/use e-clectic technique

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