I've heard lots of information about people who chant syllabels in order to gain good health in mind and body. My concern is that this could also be bad for your health. Some people chant the syllables A-U-M for maybe even an hour. It sounds like there are better methods for gaining health in mind and body than reapeating some syllables or maybe a word. What would you make of such things? Is it good or bad for us to try such things? Can there be bad effects? Do we need to find better methods of gaining health?

Hi Andrew,

There certainly isn't a downside to this and could be many positive benefits. Sound therapy is fabulous. Breathing is a great detoxifier and anxiety reducer.

The best method for regaining health is the one that you will do. If someone believes in this and practices it, he will benefit from it. If he doesn't, he's better off trying something else. Some are more effective. Some are less effective, but anything you do that is healthy is a good thing.

Laura Giles


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