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Hello, I am considering going back into counseling. What is keeping me from going to counseling is I have went to different therapists in the past, I don't seem to make much progress. What do you tell a person in my situation ?
Thank You !

Hi Doug,

Thank you for time to ask a question regarding your situation.   I would be happy to serve you the best that I can.  

Pardon me if I would be direct to give you an answer as I think you know exactly what you feel and need.   Sometimes a person just go back round and round for reassurance.   (By the way, there is nothing wrong that.)   But what is wrong is when you go to the therapist that doesn't know how to help you with your concern.  So the best way is that make sure that when you go to the therapist or counselor, see to it that the intention of the therapist/counselor is in line to helping you take a responsible solution to make progress; based on what you have written in this e-mail you feel that you are not getting progress.  So how do you define progress?  To a counselor or therapist it should be something like, it is acceptable in your situation; that is for you; you like to be doing counseling when needed, and when you are capable of doing it yourself, you don't have to go for the counseling.  

When you make a decision based on how you feel or what you need this is a progress by itself. Because you want to make sure you are seeing a motion/movement and that you are trying to make a way, get rid of a situation, improve life, trying to find your purpose or just simply needing someone to talk to.  Whatever it is bringing you to the level of getting help is appropriate for your needs so yes... if you need go back for counseling go for it.  You can tell again when you need to be on your own.

Take care and be well.



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I can answer any counseling concern related to coping with stress, emotional imbalance, sibling rivalry, marital relationship, spiritual confusion that affected/affecting and will affect your well-being. I am not the usual "what is in the box!" type of counselor. I am very polite and gentle but direct to help you understand your situation. I also use pastoral technique to help you understand that human needs supernatural power from the source in order to cope with stressors. Please be informed that I am very much welcoming in any questions you would like to ask but PLEASE DON'T BE RUDE in the stating the subject/concern. ANY FOUL LANGUAGE can restrict me to entertain your queries. Thank you very much.


I am a Counselor with BS Behavioral Sciences degree. I have experienced in counseling both individual and groupd sessions. I have conducted a lot of workshops related to peer counseling and healthy mind body and spirit related topic. I did a couple of thesis counseling session when I used to work in a Medical College. I have been commended for my research work. My passion is to listen and be able to assist anyone who needs problem-solving solution.

Psychological Educators' Society (2001-2004)

BS Behavioral Sciences Counselor for 5 years Researcher for 2 years Psychometrician for 2 years Adept in counseling, use of psychological testing and administration and interpretation/use e-clectic technique

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