Hello sir

Sir can you tell me some ways about thinking positive. Negative thoughts are coming in my mind again and again and please because of negative thinking i am loosing my interest in studies.I am feeling boring and i am not able to stay focused. Please help me

Sir another thing is because of negative thinking i am getting angry fastly. One incident that my small sister is hiiting the badminton racket to wall and i scolded her and she is cried . I am feeling very guilty about it. Please the main reason for this is getting angry.Please also tell that how do i control anger.

PLease suggest answers for my both problems A) How to think positive
         b)control on anger

Please note that while giving tips on negative thinking please give suggestion only that negative thinking will not affect in my study life because sometimes negative thinking will help.


Dear Apsara,
Thank you for your letter.
The world is quite depressing lately, and as it always is to some extent. A certain level of depression may be considered normal, but if your depression is so severe it's interrupting your life, I recommend doing something about it.
I want to recommend starting with my book, Dreaming Peace: Your Thoughts Can Change the World.
It tells the history of positive thinking, including the most influential authors. After reading my book for an overview, you might want to pick up books by the other best authors.
I have temporarily posted it free as my free book of the month here:
If you want to buy it, it's available as a Kindle at Amazon.
When it comes to anger, the best expert I have found is Vietnamese Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Listening to his audiobook, "Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames," turned my thoughts around on the subject. I recommend listening to it. Thich Nhat Hanh also has books on anger.
Please write back if you want to discuss further,


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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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