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Hi Maia, I've been having issues lately with my husband because of my 8 year old picky eating habits...  On a regular basis during dinner, my son will come up with excuses (he is full, he is not hungry, he has a tummy ache etc) just so he can skip dinner. He usually does this just so he can later eat something else, like a peanut butter sandwich or cereal.. It is starting to become a habit of his, and I feel that my husband in some part is to blame because he enables him and let's him get away with it..
I feel if he doesn't want to eat what ever is served, then there  won't be second chances and will have to go to bed without dinner. My husband in the other hand, feels sorry for him and let's him eat those types of foods, which I feel don't have sufficient nutrients and will affect my child's health and growth. I really need your advice as it is becoming a daily problem. Thank you in advance!

Hi Elsa,

I am not expert on dietary as I am not a dietician but I would like to give you a little bit of an idea regarding the benefit of eating peanut butter.  I have copied and pasted this online information about peanut butter.

And also I copied and pasted here the  cereal study about eating habit.

The above information is just so you know at least that one of his favorites is still an option in serving the food.  At least he won't feel deprived of his cravings.

With regards to health and nutritional value I think you should talk to your doctor and the doctor can recommend you to a dietician.  It will be depending I guess to your son's weight and height if he requires proper guidance in terms of his eating habits.   You see, sometimes, there are kids that eat unhealthy food but remain healthy.  Our body is able to communicate, what it needs in terms of the nutrients through our cravings, but again, it is still wise to watch the diet.  However, kids tend to feel themselves that their cravings are best for what their body needs.

For creating habits for healthy-eating adding colors, designing it with them for example, animal formation of vegetables, like celery, designing it with raisins as their eyes and carrots as lips I guess would help the kids to be invited to take a bite because they can also use their creativity while eating.

However, again, I am not expert on this, so I would recommend that you go see your doctor for proper recommendation to see a dietician.

Thank you for your time asking me a question.

Have a great night.



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