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Good Morning Laura,

I am writing to ask for your advice regarding my daughter. She just turned 10 years old. She is very normal and happy girl, but she has attention problem. We have tested her for every thing, and all we got is that she is completely normal except that she has slow processing and also she has very hard time paying attention.

In the classroom, she can not pay attention meaning get disrubted very very easily. That has affected her learning things in the class and missing information. However, one on one, she does great. All her teachers, doctors, and people that tested her said that she is very very fast learner and very easy to teach her, and very smart with IQ of over 100.  She has no ADH, etc (she has been tested three times by three different groups).

My question is that is there any way (non-medicine) that we can improve her attention.  We are in Boston, MA, and we have been told about neurofeedback, but we heard that it has some side effects.

They have told us to change her school, and put her in a school with smaller group of kids, but she does not want to leave school, and we think that may have negative effect on her especially that she is very very close to her older sister and separating her from her sister is not good.

I will appreciate any suggestion that you may have.



I am a huge fan of neurofeedback, especially LENS. A side effect is a new symptom that wasn't there before that is due to the treatment. There are no side effects from LENS. It may overstimulate her if she's is given too much too fast. That won't result in new symptoms, just a temporary exacerbation of ones she already has.

I would look at diet. Eliminate processed foods, artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. No artificial sugars. Actually no sugar- not even natural ones. Most see an improvement after that.

You might consider doing a hair test for heavy metals.

You might also consider parenting. It seems that parents who are actually concerned enough to ask about things like this would have a handle on what effective parenting looks like, but that's not always true. If there are two parents with different parenting styles, stress in the home, helicopter parenting, or rules that are not always the same, this can result in the symptoms you describe.

You could look at getting an opinion from a naturopath or acupuncturist.

Did you rule out dyslexia?

Anyway, without having any more info than what you provided, I'd guess it's dietary. Good luck.

Laura Giles


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