I am in my 20's and I have difficulties when it comes to cennecting with people and people have difficulties connecting with me. I am what people Think I'm a kind guy so I guess they don't disslike me or anything like that. I have interesters such as music or just being in beatiful nature environment. There might be a difficulties in places where there are many people since I get a lot of things for my brain to process but that shouldn't be everything since I am not always at place with too much people.
I am also aware that a lot of people don't have great relationships and that isn't very pleasant.
Anyway, do you have any tips on how I can connect better with people and create friendships?

Hi, Andrew:  I think the best way to connect with people is to find others who share your interests and values.  My suggestion is rather than focusing on making friends, focus on engaging in activities that you enjoy and that you can share with others.  For example, since you like nature, how about joining a hiking club, or a bird watching club?  Since you enjoy music, maybe find groups that share your interest.  If you play a musical instrument, how about joining a local community orchestra or band?  I think you probably get the idea.  By finding ways to enjoy and share your interests with others, the friends will eventually come. Finally, remember; you don't need a lot of friends to live a satisfying life.  A few good friends is good enough.  Joel  


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