My therapist of 3 yrs is moving away so I need to find another therapist.  She isn't leaving until Sept. 22 and would like to see me once a week until she leaves.  I have BPD and Bipolar but I'm doing very well now.  She says she feels better knowing I'm going to be okay. Of course I feel anxiety and sadness that she is leaving.
I was wondering which would be healthier for make a clean break or continue to see her until she leaves. I also have 2 opportunities to see these other therapists to see if I like them.
I'm not sure what to do.

Hi Jen,

If it were me, I'd probably err on the safe side and meet with the new therapists while you are still in transition. I'd let them know that you plan on taking a break, but would like to establish a connection for if/when you should need it in the future. This way if something happens and you need support, you aren't starting from scratch at a time when that's the last thing you need.

Good luck,

Laura GIles


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