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Counseling/Dealing with a two year old child w/o a father


Deborah wrote at 2013-11-02 06:11:37
Teach her about her Father in Heaven who is always with her & will never leave her. Teach her that we all have the same Heavenly Father & he had a son named Jesus, who came to be with us for a while & one day he went home to Our Heavenly Father, but he visits us. No mater what situation she faces for the rest of her life, he will always be with her. We indeed are fortunate to have a Father, Son & Holy Spirit, who are with us at all times. Bible stories, would be a great focus for her rater than the current crisis. Children really love bible stories. My grandchildren do.  


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Mindy Gough


Bereavement, grief counselling, children and grief. I can answer questions such as, "How do I tell my child that her grandpa died?" or "How do I explain death to my kids?" or "How can I help my child work through her grief since her mom/dad died?" And so on. In the area of adult grief, I can answer questions such as, "Is my grief normal? Do I need professional help? How can I help myself? How do I find a professional grief counsellor?" I will not do therapy on line, but could direct people to an ADEC (Assoc. for Death Education and Counselling) certified counsellor in their area of the world. I have an Honours B.S.W. from the University of Western Ontario, a Certificate in Thanatology and Palliative Care from the University of Western Ontario. I have had a private practice called A Gentle Place for Grieving Children since 1994. I have also been working in mental health with grieving adults, teens, and kids since 1994 doing individual and group work as well as public speaking. I teach in a Palliative Care program at the community college level, and have extensive experience in teaching community groups about death and dying.

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