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Amanda wrote at 2013-04-25 04:24:47
You too, eh? It turns out his name is Jeff Copley (Not Copely, though the Copely tabs -were- what put me onto the right path). I ordered the CD from Amazon a week ago and it just got here. It's the one! Sadly, though, no chance to see the video anywhere that I know of still, but you can find copies of the cd for a reasonable price on Amazon, or if you do a search for it now (seemingly within the past couple weeks, even!) in google, it will bring up a link to play the song @ the grooveshark website, as well, and you can judge from hearing it there if it's the right one before deciding whether or not to purchase the cd for yourself, as I still don't know of a place to find a downloadable mp3 version of it.

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I can answer just about any question about lyrics or the artists who recorded the songs--80s and 90s country especially. I don't watch many new videos, but the older the video question, the more likely I am to be able to answer it.


I've been a country music fan for all of my 20+ years! I somehow have a knack for being able to remember all the words to all the songs (and who sang them for the most part) even though I can't carry a tune to save my life!

Juris Doctor. (So if I can't remember an answer off the top of my head, I have the research skills to figure it out!)

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