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My father has been looking for a song that he says was originally sung by Conway Twitty.  It was called Ring on the Bar.  I have seen the miller and Dupre versions, but he says that this one was different.  He says the ring is like the ring that a beer leaves behind, and that it is not the above listed versions.  He says that he is sure that it was Conway.  Have you ever heard of this version and if so, do you know how I may purchase it?  Thanks!

Also, my sister is also looking for a song that was sung by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, which she says the lyrics began by talking about the lady dressed in white looking beautiful (as she was walking down the isle).  Any help to find this song would be amazing also.

The bar ring song doesn't ring any bells......and some of Conway and Loretta's duets were never recorded just done on shows and is a site that has the albums and lyrics of most of his might find the one you're looking for there

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I am a long time fan of Bluegrass and older country/folk music (20-70's) and have a fairly extensive tape and sheet music library of the same and have played the music non-professionally for many years. I can (hopefully) assist with information about artists and lyrics. Please try to make it the older stuff, I don't listen to much "modern" country except George Strait ain't got no soul anymore :)


I grew up in the 60's listening to all the old greats and learned to play the music. I have spent a lot of time reading about the genres and have gotten a chance to meet several of the big names over the years.

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