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I remember the words because I've sung them hundreds of times since around 1950. I think it was by a group called something like the Green Mountain or Smokey Mountain Boys. I love the song and now that I am nearly 70 I would love to have it and pass it o0n. It might be called little word. Here it is..

If only I could hear just one little word
from mother and daddy my heart would fill with joy
each day i take a walk
i travel down the trail
each day the postman tells me
no letter in the mail.

no not a word ,no not a word, no not a word from home any more.

last time i heard from mother she said things were ok
but something might have happened , their getting old and grey
i'm going home tomorrow, i'm going home to stay.
i'm going home tomorrow i can't live on this way.

Hi Bob!  The song you're looking for is "Not a Word from Home" by Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys.  I've included a link for you below so that you may listen to the song.  Below that is a link where you may purchase the song if you like.  Hope this helps!

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