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Country Music/song "Lila" alternates


I saw another post on this site that directed me to the Doyle Holly version of this song. However, I looked this up because my dad used to sing it, but his version was darker and the lyrics were different. He was not particularly musical, so my guess is there's another version out there, and he learned that one. The lyrics he used were, "...gonna call you just the same./ You're just like my Lila,/ you've given up your pride,/ and when I'm through with you tonight/ I'm gonna show you how my Lila died." Much darker, but I think more interesting. Could you help me find that version? Thanks, Derek.

I can't find any other version beside Doyle's ...he might have learned it from somebody who changed the lyrics somewhat...folks do that sometimes if they don't have sheet music ...the old word of mouth changes.....
Have you heard Doyle's verion?
Just in case, here's a link to his singing the song:

sorry but that's all I can find

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I am a long time fan of Bluegrass and older country/folk music (20-70's) and have a fairly extensive tape and sheet music library of the same and have played the music non-professionally for many years. I can (hopefully) assist with information about artists and lyrics. Please try to make it the older stuff, I don't listen to much "modern" country except George Strait ain't got no soul anymore :)


I grew up in the 60's listening to all the old greats and learned to play the music. I have spent a lot of time reading about the genres and have gotten a chance to meet several of the big names over the years.

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