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I remember this country song from the early 2000's but I can't remember the name of the song or the artist. I do remember seeing the video several times and can explain most of the background of the song. I hope you can help me because I would love to have the song! The first part of the song is about a friend calling another friend and asking him is he is going to the lake with them this weekend and the girl he likes is going to be there. The boy that got the call was going to kill himself then didn't because he realized he had people how cared. in the next verse a teenaged girl tells her boyfriend that she is pregnant and they decide to have an abortion. he drives her to the clinic then leaves. as she is sitting there filling out the forms she starts it think she cant go though with it. The boyfriend calls and says we are going to get married and have the baby. then he comes back and they are happy. I believe the song has another verse but I can't remember it. Thank you so much for your help I hope you can figure out the title! Thanks, Heather

Hi Heather! The song you're looking for is "The Call" by Matt Kennon.  I've included the lyrics and a link to the video for you below.  Hope this helps!

Artist: Matt Kennon
Song: The Call   
Album: Matt Kennon

Today was gonna be the day
Hed already wrote the note
And parked that Chevrolet
At the end of that dead end road
Had his finger on the trigger; just about to end everything
He was taking one last long breathe; when he heard his cell phone ring

And his best friends say man where you been?
Were headed down to the lake this weekend
You better not miss it cause buddy I swear
It wont be the same If you ain't there
And i told that girl that you like so much
You were coming along and her eyes lit up
I better let you go man i really hope i didn't catch you in the middle of anything
He said you kinda did but i dont mind at all
Im glad you called

In another town down the road
In the backseat of a car
Two 18 year olds had let a kiss go to far
He said how are we gonna have this child
When were both headed off to school?
He convinced her late one night theres only one thing to do
She was scared to death in that waiting room
When the nurse asked how far along are you
She said 5 weeks and just about then her phone lit up
And his call came in
Saying baby i was wrong about everything
Ive already bought you a diamond ring we re gonna start a life
Would you be my wife
Boy or girl; pink or blue; yeah either way
All she could say as she felt those tear drops falls was
Im so glad you called

If someone you know is weighing on your mind
And needs a friend on the end of that other line
Dont hesitate what you say may seem so small
But who knows
They might be glad you called

So make the call

Yeah make that call

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