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Hello. I love old school Country Music. I have been thinking about this song for over a year now, hoping the title would come back to me but it hasn't. It's a Mel Tillis song and at the end of the song the lyrics are "that's a crowbar from Montgomery Ward" to combat his opponent from earlier in the song in which he uses "karate from japan". This is bugging me a great deal, please help me remember this song. Thanks!!!

now you have it bugging me  :)
I've heard the joke that is based on but don't recall a song. I did several lyric searches in different databases and came up with nothing. I'll keep an eye out for something like this...actually knowing Mel Tillis songs, I want to hear this one now!

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I am a long time fan of Bluegrass and older country/folk music (20-70's) and have a fairly extensive tape and sheet music library of the same and have played the music non-professionally for many years. I can (hopefully) assist with information about artists and lyrics. Please try to make it the older stuff, I don't listen to much "modern" country except George Strait ain't got no soul anymore :)


I grew up in the 60's listening to all the old greats and learned to play the music. I have spent a lot of time reading about the genres and have gotten a chance to meet several of the big names over the years.

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