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The lyrics go much like this:
I've got good news and some bad news, I don't know where to start
You're gonna love the good news, but the bad news will break your heart.
I finally talked to _____ and she said she'd set me free, so it looks like theres a life ahead a life for you and me.
I've got good news and some bad news...
I can't think of nothing nicer than to spend my life with you, and if I could you know I would, it's something I would do.
I've got good news and some bad news...

It's about a guy dropping his girlfriend and staying with his wife. Can you give me the name and artist?

Hi David,

So, here is what I found from the information you gave me above. Is it possible that it is George Straight with Lee Ann Wolmack, "Good News, Bad News?" He made have done the song alone, but this is the only one I am finding at the time. The link is below as well.

I hope that I have helped you with you question.

Have a great rest of the day!


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