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In country music there is something called "two step". What is that?
Is it just music made for a certain kind of dance?

A. The Two Step is a dance, It has been around since 1880's. It is very popular in Country dance spots. It is a partner dance, traditionally in a circle, it is a progressive dance in that at defined intervals partners are changed by one partner moving forward.  There are several named styles, depending on variations as to how the partners hold each other.

An unsual aspect of the Two Step is it always starts with left foot. This suggests the circles move clockwise although I am not certain. Most interesting the 'steps' are actually SLIDES of the feet. The dance is a combination of Fast and Slow slides, thus the 2-Step.  Texas style is F F S pattern.

As with many things there are variations. Being a group dance local consensus rules. Arizonans do the Phoenix Two Step. I don't know what the penalty is for doing the Texas Two Step in Phoenix, but it probably involves pink flamingos so it could be ugly.

There is also a Cajun Two Step.  (If you are not familiar with Cajun sub-culture I recommend Wikipedia.)

Thank you for submitting this question; hope my answer is helpful.

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