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Is country music some kinda hillbilly music?
Is country music something for a city slicker or do you need to be hillbilly or country boy  to go into country music?
It's called country music and not city music.
To me it seems that going deep into country music is also about some kind of a lifestyle. What do you say?

A.  Hillbilly music is one of the many genres of CM.  Many HB songs have Celtic roots due to the Irish immigration into the mining regions of the US.  I recommend listening to Patty Loveless's album which contains 'You'll never leave Harlan Alive'.  You'll note the subtle keening wail.

Not quite sure what you mean by 'going into' country music.  If you mean singing it in a bar anyone can do that, but it would be best to not pretend to be from the country, or put on a country 'costume'.  You can't pretend to 'be Country' and you don't have to do so.  Listen to Neil Diamond's 'New York Boy'  .  As far as enjoying it anyone can do that...although some of your friends may want to re-think their friendship with you.

Country music is very distinct from urban music.  As far as lifestyle, while it is derivative of a certain lifestyle one need not adopt it.  A movie called 'Urban Cowboy' caused a lot of people to dress 'country' and gave a boost to the business but it was less than authentic.  The following people exemplify certain types of CW:  Jim and Jessie, Bill Monroe, Ricky Scaggs - Bluegrass.  Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson Tompall Glaser - Outlaw(?) Connie Smith, Norma Jean, Loretta Lynn, Ned Miller Bill Anderson - Basic mid-60's country.  Bob Wills, Asleep at the Wheel - Western Swing. Chet Atkins, K.T. Osland - Uptown,  Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Carl Smith - Trad. Honkey Tonk,  Amber Digby, Justin Trevino, Miss Leslie - Re-emergent HT.  Buck Owens, Wynn Stewart, Merle Haggard, The Derailers, Dwight Yoakam - The Bakersfield Sound.  Sorry, but I'm out of space.  Hope this helps.  David L. Bonenberger   Minneapolis MN  

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