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Country Music/Who sings the song "Heartland" from the 80's?


I thought of this song that I used to love.  I guess the name is "Heartland" - as that is what the refrain is about.  It is not the George Strait song.  When I remembered it this morning I assumed it would take a quick search to find but it didn't come up when I keyed in the lyrics!  I was shocked because I thought it was a moderate hit.  Below are the lyrics I can remember. (Some minor words may be a little off and the verses out of order but this is mostly correct.  The chorus is exact)  Does it sound familiar?

When my family left Kentucky
Headed north for any work that they could find
Lived on Mama's country cooking
While we were getting used to the city life

Down at the foundry where my daddy worked
Lord it was hotter than a flame
But of all the years that he put in
I can't remember hearing him complain

I won't forget the school days
We never had to tell where we were from
As soon as we would say a word
They could here Kentucky on our tongues

We took a lot of kidding
Looking back I'd take it all again
'Cause the ones who laughed the loudest
Turned out to be my very closest friends

There's so much heart in the heartland
The spirit that has made us grow so strong
It's taken me sometime but now I understand
The people are the heart of the heartland
The people are the heart of the heartland

Good Morning David,

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to find our song for you. I googled every line you and went down the rabbit hole to find nothing. Like the song does not exist. I HATE when this happens. I even went through the Lyricfind website to make sure  I wasn't missing anything.

I will continue to look, but please feel free to send this to another expert as well. :)


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