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I actually have two questions. I generally can find out any country music/video information on the web, but the answer to two questions I have just seem to not be anywhere I look.

1)  There is a country music video (male singer)where a flaming arrow ignites a large bonfire close to the end.  WHAT AND WHO?

2)  there is a country music video (male singer) where the singer walks through multiple (and different office rooms) while singing and playing a guitar.  WHAT AND WHO?

Good Morning Gene,

Thanks for sending in your questions!

I have found a similar music video for you first question about the flaming arrow.

Is it Luke Bryan's "That's my kind of night?" I posted a youtube video link below.

I could not find the second question for you because there was not enough information there. If the first question is incorrect, please resubmit your questions with a bit more information if you have any.

Time period?
Any lyrics or what the song was about?
Slow or fast song?

Anything will help me find what you are looking for.

Thanks again!

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I can answer most questions song, genre, and artist related this category. I am the best at 70's to now country and am a bit fuzzy on things much older than that. I am constantly using search engines to find answers to questions I do not know, so I will be able to help!


I have listened to Country music for over 20 years and can usually know a song within the first few opening bars. It's definitely something I love and do on a daily basis.

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