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If there was someone that hates country music what should they listen to, to change their mind? What does quintessential country sound like?

Hi James,

Since this question is strictly opinionated, I would suggest listening to "Red Dirt" or Texas Country. It has more of a southern rock under tone and isn't as pop as the main stream country you hear on the radio. Some of my favorites are below. Let me know what you think.

Wade Bowen

Wicked Twisted Road
Reckless Kelley

Kiss me in the Dark
Randy Rogers Band

There is actually an article that has the top 20 Texas/Red Dirt Country songs

Hope this is what you were looking for!

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I can answer most questions song, genre, and artist related this category. I am the best at 70's to now country and am a bit fuzzy on things much older than that. I am constantly using search engines to find answers to questions I do not know, so I will be able to help!


I have listened to Country music for over 20 years and can usually know a song within the first few opening bars. It's definitely something I love and do on a daily basis.

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