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I once heard a song titled 'Aaron Brown'. What happened to this song-was it controversial? Id so, what was it about?

I found no such song in my usual sources.  As you suggested it may have been controversial I searched and found a case in Alexandria VA where a teen named Aaron Brown was shot and killed by an off - duty police officer who was working at an iHop.  This was a very controversial case for a number of reasons.  In reading various articles I learned Aaron and his friends were very musical and very creative.  

This is just speculation, but you may have heard a recording
made by his friends to commemorate the tragedy, and it may have gotten some local airplay at the time for the same reason.

If you Google "Aaron Brown" and words such as Alexandria VA, shooting, and etc. you can find much information about the case.

It's a shot in the dark (no pun intended.) but I think this may be that to which you are referring.

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David L. Bonenberger
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