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I have a 78 record of someone named Johnny Carter and his western boys. Side one is I walk the line and side two is Singing the blues. This is on the Broadway label. I can't find no info on anyone named Johnny Carter except a black singer who sang with the Dells. So do you have any info on this guy. Thanks! Vincent Belfire

Hi Vincent, sorry for the delay.  I believe the Johnny Carter you mentioned would not have been the JC from the Flamingos and Dell's.  Your JC on the record is described as 'Trying to sound like Johnny Cash'.  As the JC from the Dell's sang high and falsetto it does not seem likely he would attempt to sound like Cash.  Sorry I could not be more certain, but I'm going to have to say probably not to your question.  By the way, the same record recently sold for 20.00.

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