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DaveT wrote at 2006-11-23 05:52:13
The group was indeed SKO, and the lyrics  you wrote are pretty close.  Paul Overstreet teamed up with two other Nashville writers to make the SKO album.  In my opinion it was one of the best ever made, and not just for the song you wrote of.  "I Go Back" off of that album was an incredible song, and "Love is a Hero" was another incredible song.  Just shows what happens when you put three great songwriters together....something magic is bound to happen.  Too bad the rest of the world didn't think so.  And what a shame that you can't find the recording anymore, even on eBay (where I thought one could find anything!)

Peace to you


Rod wrote at 2007-01-10 02:47:49
The song is you cant stop love

Zeke wrote at 2007-06-16 12:02:58
Dale is correct. The song is called "You Can't Stop Love" and the group SKO, is Schuyler,Knoblock and Overstreet, and was recorded in the mid 80's or thereabouts on 16th Avenue Label, a now-defunct company in Nashville. The song is currently out of print, and I have no idea where you might come by a copy, save perhaps the odd yard sale or flea market or ebay...

Sean wrote at 2008-09-20 17:58:58

I wanted to follow up on this song here. Last I heard this song was in the 80's and I want to find it and maybe help bring it back!!!

Danelle wrote at 2009-09-24 02:54:43
OH wow, I have been looking for this song for years. I heard it once as a child and it instantly stuck in my mind. It was on one of those stations where you vote between two songs. The better one gets played, while the other gets lost. I still remember the chorus after all this time and that been 20 years ago. Shows you how good the song was. Thank you

steve wrote at 2010-11-09 18:43:53
Yes. The song was #9 on the chart in 1986. It is by Schuyler Knobloch & Overstreet - You Can't Stop Love" is the name.

Julie wrote at 2014-09-09 01:43:31
Yes, It is you can't stop love by Sko. Paul Overstreet has rerecorded it and it will come out in the next couple of months. How do I know this information? I am Paul Overstreet's wife.

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