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QUESTION: Hello Becky,

I am trying to find a list of Bovine Somatotropin Products (RBST). The only product that I have found is Posilac, created by Monsanto and currently owned by Elanco Diary. It is currently approved by the FDA. However, I am trying to find other Bovine Somatotropin Products besides Posilac. Can you help?

Thank you Becky.

ANSWER: As far as I know, most RBST products have been taken off the marke.  I think the Posilac is one of the only few left.  You will want to check and make sure there's no regulations on where you ship your milk to against RBST.  As long as there's no restrictions, you could talk to your vet to see if he recommends any other products, or if there's some they sell at the office.  I've never used RBST on my farm because of regulations.  Good luck finding your product.  Thank you for your question.  I hope this helps out.

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QUESTION: Hello Becky,

I am actually just conducting some research and experiments, and I don't have a vet I can contact to inquire regarding the 'other products' that may be out there that accomplish are like Posilac. Any ideas? Do you have a vet you could recommend?

I have a vet I can recommend.  Dr. Robert Baugher of Countryside Vet Services out of Warren, Ohio is my vet and as far as I'm concered, the best large animal / cattle vet there is.  The number to the clinic is 330-847-7337.  They should be able to answer questions for you and help you find other RBST products out there.


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