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My father has 2 mini cattle. The bull is always mounting my horses. Well the 2 that let him. Is this ok, I think it is very odd but just wondering if this is common. He is only around 2 years old, will he stop this.

It's natural for a bull to mount other animals.  Especially now that he's 2 yrs old, he's reached sexual maturity.  This bull may continue to mount the horses, even though he might be around other cows.  The only thing you might do is move him to another pasture so he can't get to the horses.  It's not going to hurt the bull unless a horse kicks him off.  As far as the bull being a mini, I would doubt he is going to hurt the horse.  Just be sure it's not icy outside, because you don't want the bull to knock the horses down.  You will want to be careful handling this bull now that he's mature.  I'm sure you know bulls can get aggressive!  You may want to put a ring in his nose for handling purposes when you move him around.  Never turn your back!!  Hope this helps!!


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