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Karin wrote at 2012-12-25 20:01:02
If you have only two mini cattle and one of them is a bull, either consider shipping the bull and getting a cow or slaughter the bull for meat.  One bull is not needed to breed one cow.  One bull, even if he's a mini, is used to breed at least 20 cows in one breeding season.  

It's obvious that he's getting sexually frustrated and is taking out that frustrating by trying to satisfy his needs on the horses. Yes it's common if he only has one cow to breed only a few days out of the entire year, and not a whole herd of 20 to 50 girls to take care of.  So either give him a job of breeding more cows or get rid of him.  You can easily give him a job of breeding more cows by offering to rent him out to other producers who need cows to be bred by a miniature bull.  You will keep him happy and even earn a little income in the mean time.  

No he won't stop it if you don't do something with him to make him even remotely happy.  Either get more cows, offer him as a bull to be rented out to others, or get rid of him before he gets himself hurt or the horses hurt.  



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