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Dear Becky,

I heard that cow eats magnet in the stomach.Do you have idea how many Gauss of the cow magnet usually have in one piece? How strength does one cow magnet is usually?


It is recommended that owners administer a magnet to cattle for their safety.  Sometimes when cows are grazing out in the field, they may pick up small pieces of metal.  The magnet will stay in the rumen and keep any pieces of metal from going through the gut.  The magnet is heavy and won't leave the rumen.  The rumen will not digest the magnet.  You usually only need to give the cow one magnet in their life.  One magnet should be strong enough to keep the cow safe.  You'll want to administer the magnet like you would a bolus of asprine or any type of pill.  Use a balling gun, and make sure it goes all the way down the cows throat.  



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