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Cows/Cattle/How tough should I get with my pet Steer he's 7 months old?


Karin L wrote at 2012-12-22 21:40:58
I really don't think the questioner even castrated him!! If this is true, CASTRATE HIM ASAP!!!!  At this age he's showing his bullyness and this needs to be curbed NOW.  You are going to be asking for a trainwreck waiting for a place to happen if he's not cut or banded.

He really needs to be shown who's BOSS.  If not, then you're going to get a bull that will be very dangerous, more dangerous than if even he respected you and knew you were the Boss. IMO, a stout stick laid across the nose or even to the ribs will teach him to not get so pushy or rambunctious around you.  And when you assert your dominance, you must stay in one spot or move forward, never retreating or giving him lee-way otherwise you're showing you don't mean it or are a leader that can easily become a follower.

But definitely get him cut, it's high time it was done.


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