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we had a 7 wks old calf who couldn't get up on her hind quarters suddenly ! she would trying to get up but simply could not !
she was taken to a local vet who gave her two shots of pencillin. he explained to continue giving her a shot each day for five days. she seems okay but shortly after the third she simply fall dead just after giving the third injection ! the vet said she had " black leg " which he explained came from eating short grass along with the dirt ! I am not satisfied with the information ! can you share some more knowledge with me ?

thanks in advance for your response !

Oh my gosh.. I'm so sorry to hear about your calf!!  

No.. that doesn't sound like blackleg to me!  First of all, penicillin won't "cure" blackleg, so why would he have recommended it?  Second.. blackleg kills VERY quickly.. like in hours.  The one time I had blackleg, I lost two calves, one about 400 lbs. one over 600 lbs., and they died in hours.  It is a clostridium type disease and generally they are very quick killers.  It may  have been some other type of clostridium,  but that still doesn't explain the penicillin.  I suspect he didn't know exactly what it was, but wanted you to give the calf something so you didn't feel like you weren't doing anything.

You may want to Google "blackleg in cattle"... there's probably a wealth of information online.

Is there a possibility the calf was injured?  Frankly that sounds more like an injury that a disease.  Perhaps she was hit hard or stepped on and had some type of spinal injury.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss!  Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with



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