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Karin wrote at 2013-04-18 01:20:20
I agree with Eileen on this, it definitely does not sound like blackleg at all, however black leg CAN be cured, IF caught in the EARLY stages and when a large dose of penicillin can be administered to that calf.  However, that in itself has a slim chance of working because it's really hard to catch a calf with blackleg in its early stages.  But yeah, I don't think that vet knew what she was talking about...probably wasn't even a large-animal vet either, one that just dabbled a little in the large-animal sector and had most of her business with the small-animal people.

That aside, it does sound like an injury of some form, a pinched nerve or broken leg or even possibly (though this could be very remote) a nutritional deficiency that caused her to go down.  But it's funny, if it was an injury or an issue with nerve damage she shouldn't have died that soon unless something else was at play here that was never mentioned, such as the dose of penicillin given (which may have been a contributing factor to the calf's death), any symptoms the calf may have had  (scouring, respiratory issues, skinnier than usual, etc.), or anything of that matter except that a vet really messed up bad and seriously misdiagnosed the calf's condition.

I too am really sorry the questioner lost their calf.



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