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QUESTION: i have a question about what kind of a pasture or forage should i do for my beef cattle, so it can be thick and tall pasture or forage, and also what pasture or forage for summer and winter should i do or plant. also about dry feed what should i be giving them. thank you for your help

ANSWER: Good morning,

I'll be happy to help if I can!  I'll need a little more information please.

First off, where exactly are you located?  What type of soils do you have?  How many acres, and how many head of cattle are you running?

What type of cattle?  Steers?  Stocker cattle or cows and calves?  What are you trying to achieve?  Are you interested in selling calves at weaning, or raising registered replacement cattle?


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QUESTION: we are in south east of TX under SA, Loamy soil, we have about about 40 acres, but about 20 of the acres are going to be for hay production, and that will also help feeding the cattle. we are trying to have angus cattle, either selling calves at weaning or replacement, and how many heads should i have. also about vitamins and minerals, i'm really sorry we are new to this we are a monastery located in south of TX i'm one of the fathers, here is our Monastery's link.   thank you so much for your help May God reward you and bless you

Hmmm..... I'm also in Texas.. .I'm between Waco and College Station.  What little I know about south of San Antonio may not be helpful.

One suggestion... find the county extension agent for your county and contact him / her!  They will be more knowledgeable about your specific area, and will have really good information for you.  

Basically, I'm going to guess that the 20 acres you want to use for hay production will probably need to be "sprigged" with a hybrid bermuda grass.  Perhaps "Jiggs" or "Tifton 85".. but your extension agent will know what grows the best in your area.  That's going to take time to produce.  Generally you would have your acreage sprigged in the spring, when there's a chance we'll get rain to get it started.  You would need to plow and fertilize to get it ready for sprigging prior, and then find someone in your area that can do it.  It generally runs about $125 to $150 an acre for the spriggs to be planted.  

If you want to make hay on a more temporary basis, you could plant a hybrid sudan, which you would need to get into the ground pretty quickly if you want a crop this year.  It will produce a quality hay which you could bale.

Again, ask your extension agent about how many head.. in my part of Texas it's 3 to 5 acres per cow / calf unit.  That can be increased if you do rotational grazing, but that's a basic number.

Hope this helps!  



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