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I am writing to see if you know what is wrong with my cow. She is a dairy breed. She just turned 3yr this year. For about a year she is having a sneezing problem. When she starts sneezing its almost like she can not get out or stop sneezing. It sounds like she is going to blow her lungs out, it is that loud. She has no rattling in the chest or in her breathing and that was after having her jog from one end of the bottom to the feed area. I was told that it's allergies by a vet clinic, but I am second guessing that. I am at a lost in what it could be, can you help me, please. Thank you.

ok, you may want to have a second opinion from another vet.  She could have a lung condition, or it could very well be allergies.  Call a vet who knows cattle.  I've not heard too much about lung worms in cattle, but it could happen.  How many cows do you have?  Are any others coughing???  


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