i have an angus heifer she is about a year or lil bit over a year old, i looked into her eye membrane and it bale, dont be surprised that i said i looked into her eye membrane she is nice and she just lets me get that close to her and she is comfortable thats how we  treat our animals we deal with them everyday . what should i do , and i think it might be because of worms . because we have enough feed on the  pasture between haygrazer and coastal. and should i supplement something for her. thank you GOD Bless

Hello again!

By "bale" I'm hoping you meant by "pale?" Pale membrane in the eye...that might be something you will have to contact your veterinarian about. Glad to hear she's really good with you (all cattle should be like that, IMHO), but as far as her condition is concerned, she may have something akin to anemia as a symptom to something more serious like Anaplasmosis. Cattle with this disease, according to the link here, tend to not only have pale conjuctivitis (see this link [ ], pages 6 and 7), but have pale membrane of the vulva as well, so that's something you might want to check on this heifer of yours too.  Your vet can have her blood tested to see if she has this disease, or if she's merely anemic due to some level of malnutrition, such as iron deficiency.

Have you also had a look at her gums? Is she a little thinner than she should be? Thing is, anemia itself is merely a symptom of a broad range of causes, including diseases like Anaplasmosis, but also internal parasites (as you are guessing), ticks, inadequate diet (i.e., I mentioned iron deficiency, also B-vitamin deficiencies), loss of blood, etc. You could give her a shot of Oxytetracycline to cover any chance of her having any disease, but other than that I highly recommend you see your local veterinarian about her.  If anything it sounds like it could be a combination of internal parasites and/or vitamin B/iron deficiency. But that's just a hunch: I'm not a veterinarian, so I can't tell you exactly what's wrong with her. That's the vet's job, lol.

Good luck with her, hopefully you find out what's ailing her and that she recovers soon. :)



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