QUESTION: i have a beefmaster cow with a 3 months old calf, the cow has scours, so what should i do? and also i have them grazing i open up for them around 7:30 in the morning, should i put them back at a certain time so they are not eating too much or just leave them freely, because i actually bring them back around 7:00pm so i was  trying to not let the grazing land go low and at the same time for them to be healthy and well feed so what do you advice if i bring them back earlier than 7:00pm should put feed for them or what should i do?

ANSWER: Good morning,

Scours can be a frustrating thing with a calf.. there are many things that can cause scours.. as it's a symptom of a virus or disease.  It could  be pnuemonia or a clostridal bacteria... it could be BVD, or any number of other viral infections.  The only way you'll be able to know exactly what's causing the scours is to take a fecal sample and have a lab run it and see what they find.

A couple of questions.  Is the calf still nursing and acting normal, other than the scours?  Is the scours bright yellow or greenish? What consistency?  I would be concerned if it was like water.. as opposed to being just "looser than normal".   The problem with scours is that the calf can get dehydrated, so you are really going to have to watch him and see how he's acting.  Sometimes it will clear up on it's own in a day or so.. kind of like you getting a "bug".  But if the calf is not behaving normally, you really should have a vet check him.  There are plenty of things I could suggest you give him, but all will require a prescription, so that won't help you without a vet's care.

As far as pulling the cow off the pasture.  Do you have plenty of grass, or are you trying to save some of it?  My cows graze all day and night on pasture.. but if you are worried that you don't have enough, I would suggest putting her in a pen or corral during the day (with shade available) and letting her graze at night.  Only because of the heat right now.. although she probably doesn't have much trouble with the heat being a Beefmaster.  If you want to supplement her grazing with feed, you can use a simple horse type bagged feed.. 12 or 14% protein and an oat based feed with molasses.  And plenty of hay.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Good luck


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: sorry you misunderstood me the moma cow has scours and its greenish its not watery but loose than normal.

Lol.. so sorry for the incorrect answer!  I totally missed the part where you said "the cow".. I just assumed it was the calf!

I wouldn't worry about that on a cow.. chances are the grass is pretty green and lush and that would cause "loose" stools.  If she is acting normally, eating and taking care of the calf, don't worry about it.



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