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Chocolate's Patch  
Hello, I have a question about one of my family's cows name Chocolate. She is not mine but I care about her and I am worried about her. She is over 10 years old and has been breed all her life. I am going to convince them to call a vet but this website has helped me out a lot in the past and I hope you can help me by giving me any advice on what it could be. She has a massive bald spot that keeps growing. She is very underweight and grass fed. We have 80 acres they run free on and we separated her from the herd. Have you ever experienced this and if so what did you do to help the animal?

Hi Bree'a,

I have never seen this before, no, but I'm just wondering if some sort of parasite--mange or lice being a couple--that is causing her to have such hair loss as this?  I'm also wondering when was the last time she has been dewormed?  The other possibility--though I may be stretching it a little--is that her malnutrition and being very underweight may also be a contributing factor to her hair loss, a small possibility though it may be, but something to think about.

You also said that she could be rubbing the area, which is also a distinct possibility, and which does happen in horses as well. But I definitely recommend that you convince your family to get a vet out to have a look at her, and he/she may suggest some deworming and/or an improvement in her diet, such as higher energy and protein feeds in addition to the grass that she has access to every day.

One thing though, I hope it's just mange or lice and not something worse. Hopefully you figure out either a cure or a treatment to help her get her hair back to its former glory.

Good luck!



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