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we have some beefmaster bulls about 10 months old, we are trying to make them gain some weight especially coming out of winter what should we feed and how much per day. they are going to be as breeding bulls and if you have any other helpful tips for us that would be great. thank you so much and God Bless.

It depends what feeds you have available in your area and what won't cost you much.

Living in Alberta I couldn't tell you what feeds are available in your area in Texas, but I can tell you that choose a feed that is high in carbohydrates and has a bit of protein in it too for muscle. Cottonseed meal is one that is may be good to look into, and you could start feeding them that at around 1% of their body weight per day or less along with free choice fodder that's good quality as well, preferably stuff that has legume in it. Start on the feed only a few pounds a day, then work your way up to that amount I recommended over a couple of weeks.

If corn or oats are a better option financial-wise, make sure they're cracked or rolled, not whole. Cattle can't digest whole grains as readily as those that have been processed a little. Feed at the same amount--1% of their body weight per day--for weight gain.

Watch for bloat when you're first starting them on feed. This shouldn't be much of a worry, though, if you're feeding them when they're not exactly hungry and have plenty of hay to eat with the supplement.

Hope that helps, and God bless to you as well. :)



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