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first we have beefmasters, and we are new to the cattle. at what age to wean off heifer calves? and what should we do when we wean them off as for feed and the like wise for the calves? thank you so much and
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There isn't really any certain time to wean calves, there are a lot of different options.

Generally calves are weaned at about 6 months of age.  Are you keeping the calves or selling them?  You want to get the calves off the cows in plenty of time for the cow to get back into good condition to have her next calf.  If they bred back right away, that means she'll calve again at 9 months.  I've sometimes weaned calves earlier, like 5 months, especially if the cow is a first calf heifer and she's lost much weight nursing a calf.  As long as the calf will eat "regular" feed, it won't impact their growth or development.  I also know people that leave the calves on for 7 months or longer, but this won't give the cow much chance to be dry before her next calf.

If you're going to pen the calves to wean them, make sure they have plenty of good hay and fresh water.  You can start them on a calf pellet or a sweet feed in a bunk, but start them slow.  Give them maybe a couple of pounds a day, and gradually increase the feed, depending on what you want to do with the calves.  Maybe up to four or five pounds a day.

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