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we have a cow that just gave birth 2 days ago, all of the sudden today she seems very depressed and is not walking right, her back right foot she seems that she is dragging it from her ankle and she doesn't want to stand on it, we noticed that before she gave birth. also she is breathing heavily and drooling from the mouth. i dont know what to do to help her. thank you

I'm sorry about your cow!

Dragging her back foot is clearly some sort of injury...maybe she got stepped on, or put her foot into a hole? Many things could have caused such an injury.  She could also have foot rot.  You're going to have to pen her up to see what that sore foot looks like in order to make an assesment.

The drolling and breathing hard is likely pnuemonia, which needs to be treated ASAP or you'll lose her.  It will take shots of antibiotics ( Draxxin or Nuflor)  and Banamine, which require a prescription from a vet.

Can you get her to a vet?

Good luck!



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